When I was still a senior in high school I had a hard time deciding on what I wanted to take up in college. When my mom told me that when my siblings and I were very young we used to play a game wherein I would be the teacher and they would be my students. That's where I got the idea of choosing to become a teacher.

When I transferred to Miriam at first I was doubting my choice to take up BS CDE - if I can achieve in this course or if I am competent enough. But when I had my first major class and learned more about what it takes and what it means to be teacher it made me more motivated and happy that I did the right thing... the right thing of choosing to be a teacher. I began loving the idea of me being a teacher and touching lives of children.

While learning more and more about being a teacher, the more I love and the more I wait to see the day when I graduate from Miriam College and become one. After going through a hard decision of knowing what I wanted to be to transferring schools to adjusting to meeting new people to struggles, my passion for this course grows stronger. Now, I am more determined to move forward and reach my dreams of becoming an effective and emotionally intelligent special educator.