This isn't my first DIY but it's the first one that I decided to post online. I thought I would fail miserably at it but surprisingly I did pretty good. And now, I can't stop wearing them.

As you can see above, my sneakers already had a design it just faded away after a few washes (which was very depressing because it was my "teacher-shoes") but instead of just moping about it I just made it into an entirely new and more awesome design.


Scrap Paper/Newspaper
Masking Tape
Red, White, Blue Textile Paint (you can also use  fabric or acrylic paint)

Old toothbrush
Cotton buds
Tap Water

(1.) I started with coating the each shoe with masking tape. Make sure to get the edges so that the paint wont seep in the rubber or in the places you don't want to have the galaxy print on. 

(2.) Next is to crumple a few pieces of scrap paper into a ball and stuff them inside the shoe so that you won't have a hard time painting the shoe. You can also skip this step, instead you can just put your other hand inside the shoe while painting on it.

(3.) Paint your shoe! I mixed red and blue to make the violet color that I like. Then mixed violet and dark blue together and I blended white in some parts to add gradient effects. I started with the bottom (don't worry about painting on the metal shoelace holes, you can remove the paint after painting the whole thing) then moved my way up the top to the sole. 
Note: If you're unsure of what design you would like your shoes to look like. Look up some galaxy pictures on google.

(4.) Get a small container or the cap of your white paint and add a little water to it then dip your brush and flick it to the side of the container/cap to the direction of your shoe. Do this step as many times as you like depending on how many "stars" you want for your galaxy design.

(5.) Since textile paint takes lesser time to dry than acrylic or fabric paint, I let it dry from 2-4 hours only but you can always let it dry longer.

I hope this helps you make your own galaxy print sneakers! Enjoy! :)

I called this design "Ice Kingdom Nails" because it reminds me of the Ice Kingdom from the hit Cartoon Network TV Show...

I started with two coats of blue polish (from Faceshop which costs PHP99). And I let that dry for 10 minutes to make sure it is completely dry. Timing this was actually pretty convinient because I was watching Adventure Time episodes at the time. And each episode consists of 10 minutes - without including commericals.

Note: You don't have to follow what I did... Just make sure your base polish is opaque and dry enough to paint on the second color of polish.

I used regular scotch tape to make the icicles or iced mountains. Make sure to do only one nail at a time so that it wouldn't be messy and the tape would come off neatly. Remember to stick the tape to your palm a couple of times before you place in in your nails. This will remove some of the stickiness and would prevent the tape from pulling up the base polish.

TIP: Make different patterns for each nail. Cut it in different lengths and widths to create a nicer look. And make sure to press the tape around the nail so that when your put the silver polish it wouldn't seep into unwanted places.

Lastly, I used a coat of silver polish (from Bon Bons, $0.99). Then I let it dry for another 10 minutes before putting the top coat. Here's what it looks like...

Note: Again, in putting the silver polish make sure that it is opaque. And remember to always do one nail at a time only.

TIP: When painting on the tape, start on the farthest... top to bottom motion on your nail brush. 

After applying everything clean up around your nail for any polish that got on your skin.

You can also try this design with different color combinations, experiment and have fun!